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About Us

What are we doing?

Work Family is a company with years of experience in providing assistance to foreigners who want to legalize their stay in Poland, especially:

  • - Extend validity of visa
  • - Legalize their stay according to marriage to a Polish citizen
  • - Work in Poland
  • - Run a business in Poland
  • - Study,undergo an internships, professional trainings in Poland
  • - Reunion with a family staying legally in Poland
  • - Legalize stay of his/her children
  • - Lead artistic activity
  • - Get settlement permit (learn more...)
  • - Get residence permit for EC long-time resident (learn more...)
  • - Become a Polish citizen ( also proceeding for repatriation ) (learn more...)
  • - Other proceeding of legalization of stay in Poland


How can we help you?

  • We are representing as an attorneys the foreigners and Polish Employers before administrative bodies which are assessing an applications
  • We are filing an applications, collecting and supplying necessary documentation
  • We are reducing the duration of an administrative proceedings (issuance of decisions, residence cards)
  • We are receiving decisions and correspondence related to proceeding
  • We are preparing a letters to a relevant authorities
  • We are preparing cancellations to a higher-instance authorities against negative decisions
  • We are participating in hearings at authorities offices and providing translators to our clients
  • We are providing information about legal situation of a foreigner in Poland
  • We are advising the best form of stay legalization of a foreigner in Poland
  • We are streamlining process of proceeding
  • We are carrying out recruitment process in consultation with Polish Employer
  • During all the proceeding we are remaining at client's disposal and we are providing an information on every stage of proceeding


Why use our services?

  • - You save your time, because we are spending time at offices
  • - You save your nerves, because we are contacting with an officers
  • - You invest your moneys wisely, because we've got high percentage of positive decisions
  • - You remain calm, because we are remembering about important dates
  • - You can sleep peacefully – we are monitoring the process of the proceeding and we are protecting your interests

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