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Residence permit for a fixed time period

Residence permit for a fixed period

  • Pursuant to the Act on Aliens a foreigner can apply for the residence permit for a fixed period in Poland if he/she proves that circumstances which occured justyfing stay in Poland longer than 3 months. Obtaining the residence permit for a fixed period is related to receiving a residence card (usually for a period of a year). It is a measurable benefit for a foreigner, because during a period of the validity of the residence card, along with a passport, it enables multiple crossing of Polish boarder without necessity of applying for a visa. It is also makes possible traveling freely within the territory of Poland.


Circumstances which allow a foreigner to apply for the permit mentioned above:

  • 1. Marriage to the Polish citizen;
  • 2. Working in Poland;
  • 3. Running a business in Poland;
  • 4. Studies , training, internship etc.;
  • 5. Reunion with a family which stays legally in Poland;
  • 6. Artistic activities
  • 7. Other


Terms of filing a application for the residence permit for a fixed period:

A foreigner should file an application at least 45 days before expiration of validity of the visa.

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