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Extension of visa

Who can apply for visa extension?

Governor is obliged to extend a visa in case when return to the country whose foreigner is citizen is impossible because of circumstances independent of the foreigner will (force majeure) or humanitarian considerations.
In this case extension of visa is free of a stamp duty.

Governor can (but is not obliged) extend a visa when it is necessary because of vital interest of a foreigner.
In this case visa extension cost is 30 EURO.

(Course of Euro which is applied by voivodship office is a course of exchange announced by National Polish Bank on the website: http://www.nbp.pl/ . In a certain cases you should check the course of Euro for a last business day preceding a day of filing an application for extension of validity of the visa.)


National visa can be extend in case when all of following conditions are met:

  • 1. Extension of validity of visa is supported by vital, personal or professional interest of a foreigner or by humanitarian considerations.
  • 2. Events occured independently of the will of a foreigner and could not be predicted by a foreigner in the day of filing application for a visa
  • 3. There are no circumstances which indicate, that the purpose of foreigner stay in Poland will be other that declared.
  • 4. There are no circumstances which cause denial of a extension of validity of visa.

Stamp duty cost of extension of national visa is 406 PLN

Extension of visa (Schengen or national) is possible Only Once Time.

Decision shall be issued in term no longer than 3 days from a day of filing application. Governor is obliged to issue a decision before a day on which validity of visa is ending which means that the last day for filing an application is 3 days before day when visa expires.

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