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Studying in Poland

Universities in Poland offer wide possibilities of gaining an education, also in English. Moreover, for foreigners who are not fluent in Polish universities offer courses of Polish which are preparing to study in Polish.


Foreigners can study in Poland if:


  • 1. They are staying in Poland on basis of valid visa, residence card or other document which entitles to stay in Poland
  • 2. Has documented good state of health required to education at chosen field of studying
  • 3. Has a insurance policy for sickness or against personal injury for duration of studying in Poland or European Health Insurance Card or foreigner will enter into insurance contract with National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) immidiately after start of studying



Foreigner students are allowed to undertake employment without requirement of applying for work permit during summer months – July, August, September.


Information about studying in Poland:


  • http://www.nauka.gov.pl/fileadmin/user_upload/ministerstwo/Publikacje/20120724_Poland.Study_in_English.pdf



  • http://www.nauka.gov.pl/fileadmin/user_upload/eng/he/20130219_Study_in_foreign_languages_chinese_17_pages.pdf


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